Curriculum, School Guiding Principles, Methodology, House Activities

Carrying of mobile phones or any electronic gadget is strictly prohibited. If found it will be seized by the school and it will be returned to parents only.
No student should carry cash to school.
Students should be well groomed and neatly dressed. School uniform should be pressed and shoes clean. Those students who are not in proper uniform, will not be allowed to enter school.
The child should always maintain personal hygiene with their own water bottle, handkerchief is compulsory.
Hair should be neatly maintained. Girls with hair up to their shoulders should tie ponytails and hair beyond shoulder neatly plaited. Boys should keep their hair short.
Children should never cheat during exams.
Bullying or use of foul language is punishable. No screaming and running in corridors and staircases.
The School reserves the right to dismiss any pupil:
(I) For breach of discipline.
(II) For unsatisfactory progress in work.
(III) Whose conduct sets a bad example for others.
Your wards must come to the school on time, also ensure that they bring all the necessary books according to the timetable only and must be neatly dressed.
Your wards should have 75 % attendance by the end of school to appear for the Term End Examination, failing which, they will not be allowed to take the test.
In case of any change in your address and contact numbers notify the school office and the class teacher.
Your wards should not carry expensive articles to school. Incase they are lost; the school is not responsible for it.
The school does not encourage private tuition to students.
Ensure that no teacher is approached when he/she is in class.
Students are not allowed to leave school premises during school hours, unless it is an emergency, for which the parent should provide an application to the Principal or the admin.
Encourage your child to speak in English. Listening to English news and reading the English newspaper should be in his/her routine.
You can meet the principal in her office on all working days with a proper appointment.
Please check your wards diary on daily basis. And also, regularly attend parent-teacher meeting when held and collect your child progress report on time.